Don’t Start Me to Talking or I’ll Tell You Everything I Know

Junebug Productions, Junebug Productions Presents: Southern Roots Collective, Free Southern Theater Collective
Date Published: 
March 28, 2008
Written and performed by Taylor Britton, Kirk Bush, Maila Jones, Krystal Kofie, Katie Loemelis, Dana WebbDirected by Kiyoko McCrae

Through monologues, spoken word, and movement, these young artists confront and share challenges they face post-Katrina and explore how race and racism shape their lives and identity.

The original work in this performance was created through a twelve-week course facilitated by Junebug Productions Artistic Director, John O’Neal, Kiyoko McCrae and Stephanie McKee.

Participants include community members and students from Tulane University and Xavier University. The pieces were constructed from stories shared in story circles throughout the course and a photo language exercise based around the following questions: