European Dissent

Mission Statement:

Draft in Progress  6/29/06 

We are persons of European descent who recognize that our varying ethnic histories have been forged into a common "white community" in order to nurture and sustain racism.

We work in consultation with The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, a national multiracial network of organizers who do training workshops in leadership development, community empowerment, and Undoing Racism.

Our goal is to be a visible force in the creation of a multiracial network of people intent on building working relationships between the white community and the communities of color in the struggle for a just society.

We actively look at, analyze, change and help other whites to change the ways we as whites participate in racism personally, culturally, and institutionally. We have made a commitment to undo racism personally, in our families, social life, work places, churches and community work.

To achieve this goal we feel it is our responsibility to articulate and demonstrate dissent in our communities by organizing other whites to oppose and undo racism.

We do this by organizing training seminars in conjunction with The People's Institute, through study and education; by expanding our membership and base of support; by engaging in public actions and community struggles which expose and combat racism; and by supporting one another in our efforts to undo racism in our personal and work lives.


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