FEMA: Promises Made, Promises Broken

Bill Quigley
Date Published: 
April 1, 2006


ACORN and Allies Call on FEMA to Uphold Its Promise to Katrina Evacuees for Housing Assistance

ACORN Members Launch Grassroots Campaign to Reach Hurricane Survivors in Apartments to Apeal FEMA’s Ineligibilty Letters and to Secure Housing Assistance for All Elibigle Families

Members of the ACORN Katrina Survivors Association are calling on FEMA to keep its promises to evacuees to deliver continued support for housing assistance. The recent announcment to transition the housing voucher program in Houston from the City voucher program to FEMA individual assistance has driven tenants into panic about possible evictions at the end of May. This is in addition to the 8,900 housing ineligibilty letters that were mailed to evacuees in Houston recently.

“We are going door to door to help our neighbors from New Orleans navigate the broken system FEMA has implemented. Some of us are getting letters of ineligiblity from FEMA even though our houses are destroyed back home. Others are worried that with this sudden cut off we will be evicted or lose our apartments,” says Dorothy Stukes, President of the ACORN Katrina Survivors Assocaiation. “This is driving tenants and landlords into a panic. All we want is a stable place to live.”

ACORN is calling for FEMA to continue stable housing assistance:
1. FEMA cannot simply abruptly break their promise, and let evacuees suffer the consequences. They must work with tenants and landlords in Houston so that there is a smooth transition to secure safe and stable housing for Katrina Evacuees.
2. FEMA must create a clear and speedy appeal proce