Jackson-Brown Danced While New Orleans Lay Dying – Hey, It worked in Iraq!

Date Published: 
November 11, 2008
Jackson-Brown Danced While New Orleans Lay Dying – Hey, It worked in Iraq!
    by Anonymous

Katrina came and millions cursed
Then Bush stepped in and it got a whole lot worse
The Prez was in Texas, stayed in his shack,
But, no worry, It worked in Iraq!

Bush stayed home and played the guitar
Watching people drown and die from afar
Had plenty of practice watch kids die in Iraq
Figured people in the US would get over the shock
When people said where is the Prez
Figured he had to fly over and tell them what he says
Picked Mike Brown the horse man to be in charge
FEMA responses he would discharge

Bush promised to rebuild and people cheered hearty
But we didn’t realize that he was rebuilding for his party
Gave no-bid contracts to friends that’s for certain
Republicans Shaw, Fluor and Haliburton
Gave billions to cronies – more than the law would allow
But got away with it in Iraq, why would people bitch now?

Katrina came and the levees failed
Politicians getting fresh makeup while the mothers wailed
Seniors died in their houses alone
While FEMA was limited to giving bad phone

FEMA was fubar from the very start
Tangled in rules and regs that had no heart
Things got screwed up and over pretty damn fast
So Bush fired Brownie to cover his ass.

Ground was covered in mud and benzene
People cried racism and ethnic cleansing
Gotta find a brother to stand out front
Alphonso Jackson was called into the hunt.

Jackson says he walked for civil rights back in the day
Figures it gives him the right to say
Tear these houses down its not racism
We are colorblind in our disaster capitalism.

Jackson told us 504 would never be black
So he put the displaced poor under attack
Announced demolition of thousands of homes
Make millions for developers & forgot those in the dome

We got Jackson and we got Brown
Sounds like a band, but they were down
On the neediest
Only wanted to help the greediest
Bucks were flying in and jets flying out
The people left behind began to doubt
Was reconstruction an aphorism?
Another cover for disaster capitalism?
Poor people were under attack
But, hey, they got away with it in Iraq!

Bulldozing homes was just the curtain raiser
Protest at the meetings and they’ll give you the taser
Pepper spray and flex cuffs are all the rage
As they lock the protestors back in the cage

Jackson is a short man, with this we are acquainted
Stuck his hand in his coat and had his portrait painted
Gave millions to his cronies and more to his friends
But now the FBI says its time to make amends

More time with the family, that’s what they always say,
As they leave out the door in the good old USA
We cheered when Brownie left and now we wave at Jackson
Racism is a bitch, but the wallet’s anglo saxon.

Alphonso Jackson and Michael Brown
Tore up HUD and Brought FEMA Down
But what we going to do about the Prez and all his disaster
And what about Cheney, the high up puppetmaster?

Katrina shows our country what is really going on
Britney is our fave and Spitzer is our john
See a problem with our people?  See our society dismantle?
Don’t worry about the Prez, you can always change the channel

Poor people don’t need help, they are just our childrens’ mothers
Instead of organizing, Black and Latino should fight each other

Our crooked politicians say right to our faces
We will help you back from all those other places
But behind our backs they laugh and holler
As they take their percentage of all the people’s dollars
Preachers and do-gooders spend thousands to come down
Down to gut our houses and drive around our town
We’re a tourist spot for thousands who like to drive around
We are Iraq at home, they see where we drown

Meanwhile the streets fill up with corpses and the boys are put in jail
The take our money and they wonder why we fail
But we are strong and we will find a way to prevail
The mothers and grandmothers will never let us fail.
Its time we listened to them and leave Jackson Brown to rot.
Our people are our foundation, this we have forgot.
They have been through the valley of death and have found a way to cope
No matter what share their faith and never run out of hope.
Their courage is amazing to those who’ve not lost so much,
But the mothers and grandmothers will be there in the clutch.

New Orleans waits in tatters and mud
While the DC bigwigs drink our blood
We got War at home on the brothers and the mothers
War in Iraq on the shiites and the others.
If the current system has no real solution
Maybe its time for a real revolution.