Make history: Join the ‘Second Freedom Rides’ to rebuild New Orleans

Date Published: 
February 15, 2006
Common Ground Collective, in conjunction with the Mass Communication Department of Xavier University, have announced the launch of a nationwide call to action campaign for student volunteers to participate in the “Second Freedom Rides,” a unique, history-making event that will help the city of New Orleans get back on its feet.

The mission of the Second Freedom Rides is to accelerate the rebuilding of the city while exposing participants to African American music, culture and the history that make New Orleans a great city. Throughout the months of March and April, during spring break, rather than going to the beach, come visit New Orleans and a lend a hand to those in need. Help our city thrive once again.

Because all residents have not yet returned, they’re in danger of losing what is left of their homes and their communities. The government is confiscating their property in the name of eminent domain, and the city is in danger of losing an essential aspect that helped create its legacy: the Black population. According to state officials, as many as 75 percent of Black residents may be lost if they have no home or community to return to.

Although there are volunteers currently assisting with relief efforts, there is a need for more. “I’ve been here for a week,” said Caitlyn Ross, a volunteer from Spokane, Washington. “I just felt it’s something I had to do for all the people that lost everything down here.”

Be a part of the solution, come invest some time and volunteer in New Orleans.

For more information on how to participate in the Second Freedom Rides, visit Common Ground Collective’s web site at and complete the volunteer form at After confirming your participation and providing your own transportation to New Orleans, Common Ground Collective will take care of the rest.

or for further information:

Volunteer Coordination Phone: (504) 218-6613
Volunteer Coordination Email: commongroundvolunteers [at] gmail [dot] com