New Orleans Victory against Evictions

Ishmael Muhammad
Date Published: 
November 30, 2005


A Statement from Ishmael Muhammad,
Lead counsel in Sylvester v. Boissiere,

Appearing on behalf of Advancement Project and the Grassroots Legal Network
This is a clear-cut victory for the people In a long-standing battle waged by the most victimized population of the Katrina disaster against government entities and landlords around the right of the people to return home.
Victory has come.

Who sued who:

The Grassroots Legal Network along with the Loyola law Clinic, the Advancement Project, the People's Advocacy Center, and New Orleans legal Assistance (NOLAC) brought suit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its component Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Orleans Parish, and Jefferson Parish on behalf