The New Orleans Womens Health Clinic

What is the New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic?
The New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic, located at 1406 Esplanade Ave. in the historic Tremé Community –
one of the oldest communities of free people of color in the U.S., is a project of the New Orleans Women’s Health & Justice Initiative.
The women’s health clinic will offer a comprehensive, integrated program of quality, affordable, and safe preventative health care and
counseling services specific to the needs of women under a primary care model.

The Clinic’s Mission:
The mission of the Women’s Health Clinic is to equip women with the means to control and care for their own bodies, sexuality, reproduction,
and health by providing quality, affordable, and safe health care services to low income and uninsured women of color in the New Orleans
area through a holistic, community-centered well woman approach to primary health care integrating sexual health and reproductive justice. 
The Women’s Health Clinic was conceived to combine health services with a political analysis of the oppression that prevents low income,
immigrant, differently-abled, formerly and currently incarcerated, uninsured, and lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women of color from
receiving safe, respectful and empowering health care and education. 

Holistic & Community-Centered Services
The obstetrical/gynecological, sexual health and primary care services are available to all women, regardless of ability to pay.  Offering the
services on a sliding fee scale helps to ensure that every woman, particularly women of color, has access to care.  The women’s health clinic
services is currently provided by nurse practitioner – registered nurse with additional advanced training in a health care specialty area – who
will work in collaboration with our medical director, to promote self-care and provide ways for women to avoid illness, take care of their bodies,
and explore a wide range of possible pathways to wellness.

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