A Prayer Band

Suheir Hammad
Date Published: 
September 10, 2005

every thing

you ever paid for you ever
worked on you ever received

every thing

you ever gave away
you ever held on to
you ever forgot about

every single thing is one
of every single thing and all things are

every thing i can think to do to say i
is buoyant

every thing is below water every
thing is eroding every thing is hungry

there is no thing to eat there is water
every where
and there is no thing clean to drink

the children aren't talking

the nurses have stopped believing anyone
is coming for us

the parish fire chief will never again tell anyone that help is coming
i have known of women raped by strangers by
neighbors of a hunger in human

i have known of promises to
return to where you come
but first any bus going any where

tonight the