What is the Louisiana Road Home Program?

What is the Louisiana Road Home Program?
Will it really benefit you?… make you whole?…put money in your pocket?

The Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Road Home Program is a complete fraud, which will not get you home. In fact, it is set up so the developers and speculators can take your property. This program is especially devastating for poor and working class New Orleanians who rent. Governor Blanco’s Road Home program doesn’t give renters any money, and leaves homeowners with barely anything that they need to rebuild their lives and homes in NEW ORLEANS.

What does the Road Home Program Do?

The Road Home Program advertises that Homeowners are eligible for up to $150,000 grants to repair your home. The rub is the grant is based on the pre-Katrina value of your home minus any insurance proceeds minus any FEMA grants;… minus penalties for not having flood insurance;… minus penalties for moving out of the state if you sell your property; thus leaving homeowners with not enough funds to rebuild.

For example, if you are a retired home owner with property valued at $75,000.00 before the storm; had no flood insurance and no insurance receipts, you would have a 30% penalty or minus $22,500 which would leave you with $52,500. Now certainly $52,500 won’t rebuild a home when the average rebuilding rates are above $125, 000.

Does the Road Home Program provide help for renters?

No, not at all. Renters are not eligible for Road Home funds. Renters were the majority in New Orleans and they get nothing to make them whole or to reimburse them for their losses. This is a gross injustice and must be rectified. How are renters expected to return home?

What we need:
A resident return program with guiding principles of justice and equity is needed. This includes renters along with homeowners. Renters should be able to return to a fair housing network; not inflated rent prices due to gentrification after the flood. Those who had homes with paid off mortgages should have their homes replaced.

What PHRF asks for:
• Renter compensation for losses
• Decent affordable housing
• City Ordinance for rent control
• Funds for total Replacement of privately owned homes

What we ask of You:
• Help us in the struggle for all residents Renters and homeowners alike
• Attend weekly meetings on how, together we can stabilize rent for working class people
• Ask PHRF how you can assist us with the November 18th March on Blanco

For Further Info: 504.301.0215